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How to Size Your Skis

Finding the right size of skis can be a challenging decision. Our team has been skiing and setting people up on skis for years. We will ask you how tall you are, your weight, your ability, your skiing style, your goals and what sort of terrain you enjoy. From that we will be able to give you a really good idea on which size is best for you. 

The chart below is a guide to help you get close to the correct size. It is important to note that many skis are not even sizes. You may decide that you need a 150cm however, the skis you like are a 153cm or a 157cm. Now what?! Well, this is where skiing style, ability and goals come in. Also the skis construction. Some skis are designed to be skied shorter while others are designed to be skied longer. That is where our advice comes in! Call, email, DM or text us your questions and we can help sort it out!


Ski Size Chart

Skier Height (in) Skier Height (cm) Beginner to Intermediate Length (cm) Advanced to Expert Length (cm)
4'4" 132 115-125 125-133
4'6" 137 125-132 132-137
4'8" 142 130-139 137-143
4'10" 147 137-142 142-148
5'0" 152 139-145 145-153
5'2" 157 145-152 152-157
5'4" 162 147-153 153-162
5'6" 167 153-160 160-167
5'8" 172 157-164 164-173
5'10" 177 163-173 170-178
6'0" 182 165-175 175-183
6'2" 187 170-179 179-188
6'4" 192 177-185 185-193

General Rules to Follow:

If you want a ski that will enable you to be comfortable and be easy to handle, choose something slightly shorter. If you want to go fast, float in powder, chew through crud, choose a little longer. 

When to size up:

  • You want to ski faster
  • Most of your skiing is off-piste (not on groomed runs)
  • You are more aggressive for your height
  • You seek out powder, trees and crud
  • You want a ski with more rocker (turned up tip and tail)

When to go a little shorter:

  • You are a beginner
  • You are lighter for your height
  • You want to make more turns
  • You are looking to increase your skill level
  • You rarely venture off the groomed trails